Jackies new white Tesla model 3

One Month Two New Cars

In the midst of all the 2020 craziness and madness on our side of the family in 2021, we decided to upgrade our vehicles. First was Jackie was sick and tired of her old Lexus ES350 which she drove since 2008! She has been talking about getting a new car for years. I was the …

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replacing high voltage electrical lines

Replacing High Voltage Electrical Lines & Poles

The best thing to say was that its high voltage electrical lines replaced with a smile! These guys have been working on our street for a while. We did have a few transformers blow up & we also had a car crash into one of the electrical poles.

Fishing in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys Fishing

I did not do any fishing while visiting Florida. We did take a drive through the Florida Keys with the family. Our trip to Florida mainly consisted of visiting the Miami area. I have a few posts which feature some photos from our Miami trip. We drove through the Florida Keys in a convertible Mustang. …

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Miami International

Miami International

I love taking photos at night from a plane. Most of the time they don’t come out quite well – this is one of them. I have a few of night photos of Los Angeles/LAX & San Francisco. Below are the photos from the airplane. From my 2021 trip with my family to Miami.

sunny isles beach in Miami Florida

Sunny Isles Beach in Miami

I have a few posts about Sunny Isles Beach in Miami from my vacation here in 2021. This post has an ocean view and a lone boat traveling as a storm builds and is one of my fav photos form there. I also love taking photos from the plane and they don’t always make it …

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