2022 LMU Graduation – Time Flies

Seems like only yesterday my daughter Sasha graduated from high school and not so long ago she began her college education in San Francisco (USF). All that seems like a dream and even Daniel is in college.

Now, Sasha has graduated from LMU. Majored in psychology and planning to become a physical therapist she is now on well on her way. Maybe a month or so of resting and back to studying for her year-end entrance exams. Congrats to her on this day!!

Im still very happy when she asks me to take photos of her big occasions. Also, proud of her and her achievements in school and life.

Sasha is getting her diploma

Sasha at the LMU

Sasha is standing on a hill at LMU

Sasha at LMU just before graduatoin

Sasha and her friends at LMU

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