san francisco sunset red

Red Sunset San Francisco

Lucky for us again that the fall brings such nice weather to San Francisco. This year I’ve been there 3 times and every single trip has had the best temperatures. I am considering my self lucky! On this evening we walked over 8 miles around the city and were waiting for the kids to come …

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Jackie, San Francisco 2018

This photo of Jackie is from a trip to San Francisco to move Sasha into USF dorm. This is a restaurant in the neighborhood of Marina District.

San Francisco

San Francisco – Sasha is Moving to USF

Sometimes I feel as if I am not able to avoid going to San Francisco at least a few times a year. This time the trip was about moving Sasha into the university dorm. Earlier this year we went there to visit the USF as my daughter Sasha had a fantastic offer to attend the …

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san francisco china town

Sam Rong Cafe – San Francisco 2018

On a walk through China Town in San Francisco. Seem like I spend so much time in San Francisco and every trip walk through the old China Town and yet find new and exciting things.