sunny isles beach in Miami

Sunny Isles Beach in Florida

From my recent trip with my family to Miami. We were there for 9 days in 2021 despite the COVID scare. We stayed in the famous Sunny Isles Beach. Here a few of the photos from the balcony on 19th floor.

santa monica mall

Santa Monica Mall

It is just the end of February of 2021 and we went to Santa Monica to get some fresh air and a short walk around the beach with my family. There are still COVID lockdowns and California continues to get vaccinated, but we just had to go out. Im not in fear of the virus …

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Top of Reseda in San Fernando Valley

Top of Reseda

I do quite a few bike rides in the San Fernando Valley at least once a week. Sometimes I find a few cool places with views. On the north side of Reseda Blvd. there is a hiking area around Porter Ranch and there are quite a few of them. I also have another photo from …

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Jackie in Malibu

Malibu Sun

In the pre-COVID days going places and just hanging out was something we used to do. This is Jackie in a Malibu shopping center. I miss going out with my camera and just walking around, drinking coffee, and feeling alive. When I go through my archives I always seem to find photos that luckily were …

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Great Gatsby themed photoshoot

Great Gatsby Themed Shoot 2020

About a year ago I did a photoshoot with Sasha and her boyfriend on Food, Art & Photography. That was fun and Sasha and Mathew love playing up to the camera as well as being good sports! So this year for Holloween they wanted to do a Great Gatsby duo. They rented a few costumes …

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