Kesha the Pomeranian

My best friend for the last 13 years is Kesha, Pomeranian. He loves to eat, tan outside in sunshine and sleep. Always by my side and always on protection duty. He makes me go outside every day there is sunshine and sit with him while he tans on our doorstep and been doing that for …

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Kesha My Companion

We went camping in Malibu this weekend. My pomeranian friend Kesha always goes with us on all trips.

Pomeranian puppy

A Pomeranian Puppy Joined Our Family

It happened… Our family has been missing our Pomeranian Kesha and I was not ready to have another dog. My daughter Sasha has been on my case for getting another dog. Well, it happened. She has made it clear that she will take care of the dog and will walk her and basically be the …

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Top of Reseda in San Fernando Valley

Top of Reseda

I do quite a few bike rides in the San Fernando Valley at least once a week. Sometimes I find a few cool places with views. On the north side of Reseda Blvd. there is a hiking area around Porter Ranch and there are quite a few of them. I also have another photo from …

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sasha and kesha

Back for Labor Day Weekend – 2018

It was only 2 weeks ago that we drove Sasha to USF to begin her studies and the post about it is located here. For the 3 day weekend, our friends son was driving to LA and Sasha was able to come with him for the ride. The whole family was happy to see her …

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