Jackie in Malibu

Malibu Sun

In the pre-COVID days going places and just hanging out was something we used to do. This is Jackie in a Malibu shopping center. I miss going out with my camera and just walking around, drinking coffee, and feeling alive. When I go through my archives I always seem to find photos that luckily were …

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There was a time when almost all my photowalks were with a film camera. I really liked and enjoyed having a simple point & shoot camera & not able to see what I took a picture of until much later. So, just walking through the streets of Los Angeles downtown I saw this unfolding. I …

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Boyle Heights Mariachi talking on the phone

Mariachi Plaza

On one of the photowalks back in 2013, we took a train to Boyle Heights and the Mariachi Plaza. This is the place where people “rent” mariachi bands. Also, the tourists take photos with mariachi bands. I’ve been on several photowalks during that time and Los Angeles downtown. I really did not feel the fear …

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Los Angeles, Bunker Hill 2012

Bunker Hill – 2012 Los Angeles

I keep writing about going on photowalks as this is the time and place where my photography has had the most growth. Film Photography Also, I keep reminiscing about using an old Leica M6 and film as my favorite photos were taken both during photowalks and with a film camera. The industry keeps on telling …

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