sunset vienna austria

Sunset in Vienna, Austria

During the European trip, this summer of 2018 sunset times is much later compared to the US. We went to Ukraine, Austria and Latvia. On our way back home to Los Angeles we stopped in Vienna for just over 2 days. Walking to the tourist part of Vienna around 9 PM is when I noticed …

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Vienna-Austria, 2018

This summer went on a family vacation to Vienna, Odessa, and Riga. Despite most of the time was in Odessa, Ukraine we did visit Vienna on our way to and from Ukraine. We decided to take a day tour of Vienna on our way back. The tour was on a hop-on-hop-off bus and from now …

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Food, Art & Photography

Took my daughter Sasha and her closest friends to the Pasadena art display and the theme is a foodie theme. I thought about it as a great opportunity to spend time with them and they thought it was an opportunity to strike a few poses and get some photos for Instagram. So not much text …

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jurmala, latvia sasha at the beach

Jurmala, Latvia Sasha at the Beach

On our recent trip to Riga, Latvia with the family in the summer of 2018. We visited Latvia, Ukraine, and Austria within 2 weeks time. We had a great time while visiting my and Jackies birthplace. Sasha who is featured in the photo did not like this one because she thinks it makes her look …

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