Acknowledgment – Daily Writing and Positive Thinking

Recently, my increased interest in people of Maya and Egypt has made me aware of Ian Xel Lungold who studied and traveled to many Mayan locations in Mexico.

Amongst Mayan Calendar he talks about consciousness how it always has a location. That location is time and place and in addition, has a unique perspective or viewpoint from which you view the universe – Your viewpoint is sacred because you are the only one that can have it. 

He also said that mental illness in people could be caused by not being acknowledged for what they are or what they “came here for” or why they “chose to be here”.

Daily Writing

I have been doing a bit of organizing and journaling. I am also closely following and subscribed to Trinas writing prompts and follow her on Instagram.

Its been a rewarding experience for me and also gives me an opportunity to use my fountain pens while making a new pen day a double rewarding opportunity.

For the last month, I’ve been writing down every day 3 things to be grateful for. Originally, through a Ted Talk from Shawn Anchor a Harvard teacher with many awards and lectures on positive psychology.


I wanted to get a better definition what acknowledgment means and more so on what acknowledgment of another person.

The one that I best understand is the “Admit the existence or to express recognition of …”.

acknowledgement writing personal

I did some thinking about it. Everyone who is alive needs to be acknowledged through kind words, gratitude, being listened to, giving and receiving are just a few of them.

Your opinion and definition of Acknowledgement

I do want to know how others look at being acknowledged which is not the same as complimenting. Also, how would other want to be acknowledged? Would love to hear from you on this topic!

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