Arrowhead in 2022

Living near the San Bernardino mountains we like to take a few days and drive up to the mountains to either Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead for a few days.

Most of the time we go as a family and have a few days of snow in the winter or sun in the summer. Its an all-season place to visit. This year in 2022 there was so much rain and so much snow in the mountains and we could not resist driving up.

a street in Lake Arrowhead with snow

jackie next to a big christmas tree in Lake Arrowhead

Taking our Pomeranian dog Meesha with us for her first time in the snow was a no-brainer! She loved hanging out with us and was happy to be in the snow.

Pomeranian dog Meesha with Sasha and Sydney in Lake Arrowhead and in snow

black Pomeranian dog names Meesha

We walked around the Arrowhead Lake as its a small village took some photos. The lake does not freeze and looks amazing during winter.

Daniel and Jackie at Lake Arrowhead in January 2022

Sydney, Sasha and Meesha at the Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead in January 2022

Lake Arrowhead during 2022 winter

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