Beverly Hills Walk end of 2019

I noticed that my camera has not been used lately. It has felt good to not feel pressured to come up with new photos for Facebook, Instagram, and my own blog. I did use it on very special occasions, but that is all. BTW, I dont post too many new photos on either one of the social media mainly because it requires the app to be on my phone. I refuse to have any of them on my phone for privacy reasons.

We were going out to Bell Air for a stroll around. Once we got there, absolutely not a single parking space was available without walking a mile or more. So we drove down the hill into the old favorite Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills, CA

I did not take many photos, I just got a few posed photos of my daughter Sasha who is a great sport when it comes to posing. She has moved from the San Francisco based USF and some photos of the move into USF are here.

Nothing Changed

As far as I remember, not many store fronts change in Beverly Hills and yet everything changes around end of the year. Now that I think back, it always changes – it gets more and more branding in your face.
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Sasha the Poser

Some poses in front of the Beverly Hills Cartier store. This is the store with the most jewelry and some of the most amazing designs. We did go inside as Jackie wanted to change a bracelet string.
Cartier Store in Beverly Hills and Sasha Shakarian standing in front around end of the year
We just kept walking around and just posing as tourists – taking photos near stores and landmarks. Gucci store is not to be passed up as was the Louis Vuitton store.
Gucci store in Beverly Hills
beverly hills land mark during end of the 2019
Here are both Jackie and Sasha.
Beverly Hills

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