Big Bear and Back

Its amazing how in life so many things work sometimes for the best. My wife planned a trip to Big Bear Lake with our friends and it was going to be just 2 families. Turns out that weekend was going to be the biggest storm since 2010. Great!

Rad to Big Bear

On the way up to Big Bear we hit the storm and Wayz took us through some strange road. By the time I got the chains on most of the roads were closed. In the area where we stopped, I asked a gas station clerk and she told me that highway 18 was just a mile or so away. Another person who walked into the store also said that it was open.

So, we went up and indeed it was open. Not a single car for the next 2 hours and I drove around 5 mph. Eventually catching up to a car and a snow plow. So, no photos on the way there. Our friends were not able to make it due to all the roads being closed.

Next Day

The storm had brought so much snow and it was so calm with sunshine. I went out for a walk with my dog in the morning.

big bear mountain

There was tons of snow on the street. Some streets were not snow plowed. I thought that streets looking much better with all the snow covering the roads.
snow photography Big Bear
Big Bear Snow

My Pomeranian, Kesha loved the snow and the walks we took for the next 2 days. The kids enjoyed going with him for a walk as well.
Pomeranian in snow
Pomeranian kids in snow


The kids messed around in the snow and we just hung around Big Bear Snow Summit for the day. None of us ski, but we still love to play around. We had to have a few photos for Instagram….
kids playing with ice
playing in snow in Big Bear

On the Way Back

The second part of the storm was expected on Sunday. It was snowing all night and in the morning we headed back down the hill. The traffic was heavy as was the snow. Most of the 18 was covered in snow and it continued to snow then rain all the way back to my house.
snow on highway 18
Once we got through the snow and took off the chains, it was just pouring rain for the rest of the way home.
rain on highway 18
In few more hours we got home. A bit of rest and back to work on Monday.

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