The Broad

Los Angeles Museum

Took the family to a museum near Disney Hall downtown in 2015. My daughter loves taking photos and many times has a great theme in mind. She also spends time on Social Media before going to a location. Wish I could do the same. I just show up with an empty mind and try to get some photos. As I am writing this she visiting the San Francisco MOMA and taking photos no doubt.

People Watching

I spend time watching people more than the artwork. Unless I go for a specific exhibition. Once a few years back in 2013 when Vermeers Girl with a Pearl Earring was on display in San Francisco we jumped in the car and drove there for a one day visit. While there – I did not take any photos except for one on my way into de Young Museum.

Easy and Fun

Its relativly easy to take photos in a public and such busy place so I dont assign much weight each photo. Still fun and no need for a model release or a lawyer… No big brain excersize as there is so much visual stimulation.

People Next to Art

Watching reactions and interaction… now at the end of 2016 I am thinking and looking back at the photos. My thought is:

“why did I not take more photos…….”

New Year, New Work?

and wishing that I lived in New York. At the end of the year and reflecing….. 2017 will be a much more visually intensive year. Wishing everyone I know all the best of heath!

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