sailor cosmos

New Pen Day – Sailor Purple Cosmos

Its nice to get 2 packages in one day. Main was a new Sailor Purple Cosmos fountain pen and the other package was with fountain pen ink. The Sailor Cosmos pen is a limited edition and a bit tough to find online. I found a shop in Italy and had it shipped from there. It …

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PLATINUM Izumo Tamenuri Fountain Pen akatame

Fountain Pens

I enjoy all Japanese culture. From Japanese knives to paper, pens, art and movies. As you can see from both my drawing posts and my work and personal journaling I love fountain pens. The new pen as seen above is┬áPlatinum Izumo Tamenuri Akatame Urushi. A larger sized resin based fountain pen. With a nib from …

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Noodling Around

Not many updates from my last post on drawing called Working on Improving the Sensor Behind my Eyes. The ink used in the above drawing is called┬áJ. Herbin Emerald of Chivor 1670 Anniversary Ink. Its a really cool looking fountain pen ink, not water proof. Love this ink! The second image is just a quick …

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drawing & sketching along with photography

Working on Improving the sensor behind my eyes

Somehow and someday I was going to come back to the “drawing board”. Been drawing a bit on and off for many years – never dedicated, not consistently and never enrolled in a drawing or art class. So, Im working on drawing, urban sketching and some watercolor painting….. you can move from mediocre to good …

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