I was meeting my good friend Steve at a breakfast cafe named Toast Cafe in Sherman Oaks. We get together as often as we can and have a some time to talk about personal, photography & business stuff. I hear so much about the shakshouka from a friend that once we got there it was …

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The Big Disconnect

I’ve been thinking about disconnecting from Spectrum cable for a few months. I dont watch TV and most of the time just watch Netflix or Amazon Prime movies. Cable companies similar to phone companies have been cashing in on selling services bundled so as to increase profits. Prior to the Internet, it was easy to …

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PLATINUM Izumo Tamenuri Fountain Pen akatame

Fountain Pens

I enjoy all Japanese culture. From Japanese knives to paper, pens, art and movies. As you can see from both my drawing posts and my work and personal journaling I love fountain pens. The new pen as seen above is┬áPlatinum Izumo Tamenuri Akatame Urushi. A larger sized resin based fountain pen. With a nib from …

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