mexico cancun playa del carmen

Acknowledgment – Daily Writing and Positive Thinking

Recently, my increased interest in people of Maya and Egypt has made me aware of Ian Xel Lungold who studied and traveled to many Mayan locations in Mexico. Amongst Mayan Calendar he talks about consciousness how it always has a location. That location is time and place and in addition, has a unique perspective or viewpoint …

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sailor cosmos

New Pen Day – Sailor Purple Cosmos

Its nice to get 2 packages in one day. Main was a new Sailor Purple Cosmos fountain pen and the other package was with fountain pen ink. The Sailor Cosmos pen is a limited edition and a bit tough to find online. I found a shop in Italy and had it shipped from there. It …

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PLATINUM Izumo Tamenuri Fountain Pen akatame

Fountain Pens

I enjoy all Japanese culture. From Japanese knives to paper, pens, art and movies. As you can see from both my drawing posts and my work and personal journaling I love fountain pens. The new pen as seen above is Platinum Izumo Tamenuri Akatame Urushi. A larger sized resin based fountain pen. With a nib from …

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Willie Nelson at shrine auditorium

Willie Nelson at Shrine Auditorium

Just before going on vacation to Mexico, Willie Nelson tickets went on sale. I just saw him at Pantages in October 2016. Yet, I cant get enough…. The Shrine Auditorium concert happened to be on my wifes birthday… crap…. So I asked if it was ok that we go. She agreed mostly because we were …

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