ATT building in Sherman Oaks

Photowalk with Steve Oct 30, 2020

Met with my good friend Steve as we do everyone so often around Los Angeles. We have been on several photowalks and that is exactly how we met many years ago. Sometimes we meet and discuss business, other times we just shoot the shit. We have several interests in which we are vested and passionate. …

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Disney Hall – Los Angeles 2012

Many times I have been on photowalks with my friends. Learning and interacting with other photographers as well as meeting strangers. Disney Hall Many times we go downtown as there are not many people walking in Los Angeles. Downtown is the place where people do actually walk. Most of the walks were on weekends and …

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Hollywood – Highland

Out of the photowalks with my friend Lorne we walked on Hollywood twice. The first time it was in the evening on one of the drinking and photography walks. The second was the time I had a Meetup group and we met near Hollywood and Highland. Hollywood and Highland After the photowalk me and Lorne …

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san francisco view

San Francisco – July 2017

We went back to my favorite city, San Francisco¬†for the second time this year. This trip was built around my daughter having to visit Berkely. So we packed the old truck and drove there for the weekend. Still the Best City Views We walked around the downtown area for a bit and then headed back …

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