rain in the los angeles downtown

Rain in Downtown Los Angeles

This is one of the photos from many photowalks I had with my friends that I met through Google+. Now G+ is on the cutting board, and I have not been there in a few years. I dont miss it either….. I did, however, meet a few great people. I went on one of the …

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Santa Monica Tourists

This photo was taken at the Santa Monic pier with an old Leica M6 film camera. Sometimes going through my old photos I find a few that have been forgotten. This photo is just one of them.

street photography san diego

San Diego, CA

I don’t remember exactly where I took this photo in San Diego, California. This photo was on my old website and I did not save many photos or posts from the old website. I found it going through a folder on my hard drive and thought that there is something or a unique view in …

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street photography los angeles downtown

Los Angeles Tourists

A couple of kids having a good time in the Los Angeles downtown area. He was asking a few questions after I took this photo. Although, he seems angry both of them were quite nice as we talked for a few minutes about Los Angeles and where to go. Photography Walks This photograph was taken …

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