san francisco sunset red

Red Sunset San Francisco

Lucky for us again that the fall brings such nice weather to San Francisco. This year I’ve been there 3 times and every single trip has had the best temperatures. I am considering my self lucky! On this evening we walked over 8 miles around the city and were waiting for the kids to come …

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Point Mugu

Malibu – Point Mugu

We go camping in the Point Mugu state park in Malibu with friends. Usually, we stay near the beach and have a big dinner and BBQ. This photograph I took back in 2014. The trip was one night and I had a great time and had no idea nor would ever imagine what would happen.

Death Valley California

Death Valley California

Death Valley in California is one of the magic places on the planet. There is a story behind the trip. A few years ago and during one of the many photowalks with my photography friends I asked if anyone was interested in going to Death Valley for 2 nights. At least 4 people said yes …

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