Print and Web Advertising

Recently my client Drake Law Firm wanted to develop a campaign in print. I feel like print is not as effective as other forms of advertising. Yet, there are many billboards around the streets of Los Angeles. My thoughts are that at least the driver is paying attention and is looking further ahead in the …

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aurora fountain pen bojo journal

Projects for the month

During September my focus has been to work through my task list. In July I had started a new organizational workflow and a way to manage and complete tasks. Back then my brain was full of “things that needed to get done”, but once on paper and in an analog notebook, I had a plan …

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bullet journal tracker

Planning and Journaling Process – Finally Almost Done

I’ve had many issues with planning, task lists and taking/keeping notes on my projects. Its gotten so bad that I’ve been really stressed out because of missing a few deadlines and long and laborious searching through my notes. I’ve been keeping a notes/tasks in a Moleskine notebook. Finally had enough and decided to solve these …

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Work and being perfect

About Being Perfect

Growing up and having so many things that I was interested in and not showing any of my work in public has taught me that there is not nor will ever be perfect. Perfection Does Not Exist Is perfection or the concept of being done and finished exist? Philosophical topic and will not be answered …

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