Today I was meeting my good friend Steve and we went to Balboa Park Lake to chit-chat about work & personal stuff. We have been getting together thanks to photography for at least 6 years. Steve is an awesome charachter and a fantastic photog. Check out his Instagram here.
Steve from SmackSmog

People are just not getting it

Seems like most here in San Fernando Valley are either not understanding the severity nor heeding the warnings about the virus and the orders to stay home. The park is full of people who do not seem to be even aware of the virus. The city of Los Angeles issued an order to stay at home and yet no one is staying home.

I thought this is the case as the streets are full of cars and the freeways are not that empty. I did bring my camera as Steve told me he is bringing his film camera. He has been doing a bang-up job of taking photos with it. I brought my old Canon with a long lens.
Balboa Park Lake Coronavirus COVID-19 Young Woman on phone

Masks vs No Masks

A few people who were walking around are wearing masks. I have no idea if it helps or prevents anything.
Balboa Park Lake Corona virus COVID-19 Woman walking with a mask

Balboa Park Lake Corona virus COVID-19 Man Standing

While others and there were more of them, not wearing masks nor did they look concerned over anything that was going on in the crowded park.
Balboa Park Lake Coronavirus COVID-19 Man Walking a dog

Balboa Park Lake Corona virus COVID-19 Man and a bicylce

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