Could This Be Magic?

A photo from a while back in my photography exploration days in Ventura County. As far as I can remember – I just jumped in the car one day and drove to the beach in Ventura. Boom, took the photo drove to another location and took some more photos. Trying how to use the ND Filters with long exposure.

This photo really reminds me of the lyrics from Van Helen song called Could This Be Magic? from the Women and Children First album. I love how the cover of the album looks….

And I see lonely ships upon the water
(Better save the women and children first)
Sail away with someone's daughter
(Better save the women and children first)

And she says, could this be magic?
Or could this be love?
And I say, could this turn tragic?
You know that magic often does

I was never a huge fan of Van Halen, but they did grow on me after my mid-twenties. My musical tastes greatly changed after I was 25.

I’ve always loved heavy metal guitar based bands, yet Van Halen was not quite there for me. Essentially, the same thing was with Led Zeppelin. I cant believe I missed so much time listening to great bands because I did not appreciate the guitar sound and the players.

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