Death Valley Cont. Pt 2

Continuation from the last post on Death Valley trip with friends. We drove through California and mad a few stops on the way to Death Valley.

Trona Pinnacles

One of the first stops on the way was the Trona Pinnacles. Here are a few photos form that area.
Trona Pinnacles
Trona Pinnacles on our way to Death Valley
Trona Pinnacles

Trona Pinnacles, California

As always my friend Lorne who like to explore and I had to follow him up those rocks. I know there have been many movies filmed here and its a cool place.
Lorne on top the Trona Pnnacles

Ballarat, Ca

Eventually we did find the old ghost town of Ballarat. Not much to see there and still a fun place to drive through. I did not take many photos there as I was a bit on the worried side and wanted to get to Death Valley before dark.



Death Valley

Death Valley sign
Lucky for us there were other travelers who we asked for directions to get back on the highway to Death Valley. I was relieved that we finally got into the Death Valley national park.

Some photos form Death Valley.
death valley sand dunes
death valley
death valley Lorne climbing
death valley road

death valley devils golf course
death valley devils golf course with Lorne

I will post the rest of the photos on the next post.

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