DJ Sashimi Debut at Lanea in Santa Monica

My daughter Sasha had her first gig as DJ Sashimi in a cool place in Santa Monica called Lanea on Saturday, Jan 27th. She has been a big fan of EDM and house music for a while – going to concerts, festivals, and clubs. She did want to learn what it takes to have a DJ set and play her favorite songs in front of people.

Lanea in Santa Monica has a night called Among Friends where a starting DJ can perform. She told me about it and I was excited for sure. She also had invited some of her friends and family to come and check it out.

It was a great turnout as the entire place was packed when she started her set. I was quite impressed with the attention to detail of her set. Had a great time and she was very happy with her work after being nervous.

A short video of DJ Sashimi in Santa Monica

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