Leftovers – Food Photography

I made a Japanese inspired fried chicken last night and had some leftovers. Today for lunch I decided to wok fry it with some veggies.

Lately been enjoying Chinese cooking and have spent some time practicing with my wok. I work from my home office and around lunchtime cooking provides a much-needed break.

photography food knife Takeda Hamono

So, purple cabbage with orange bell peppers, leftover asparagus, garlic, ginger and the left-over fried chicken.

This is a low carb lunch so rice is out!


Japanese Kitchen Knives

Its also no secret that my obsession with kitchen cutlery has been getting the best of me. Cooking and knives have been going hand in hand. The addition of a Chinese cleaver made Takeda by a Japanese knife maker has given me more reasons to cook Chinese style food.

Takeda Knives

The Takeda Hamono is my favorite blacksmith for kitchen cutlery. All of the knives made by Takeda are hand-forged knives made with Aogami Super and clad with reactive carbon steel or stainless steel. Now days, carbon steel clad knives are made by custom order only….

Takeda Friction Folder Knives

Here are a few photos of other than kitchen knives by Takeda.

That about does it…… Many more knives and will have to post about them at a later time. Cheers!

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