Meesha is almost a year old Pomeranian

Meesha is almost 1 year old. Her birthday is in February and we are going to have a birthday party for her. For a Pomeranian, she has so much energy and jumps much higher than I have ever seen for a small dog.

Meesha loves to take drives in the car with us especially when we go to Starbucks. She is crazy about whip cream Puppuccino. So we do take her with us. In the photo above she is sitting in Jackies car on the dashboard while we order.

She is quite the rascal and we are always happy to have her come over for a visit. My daughter Sasha lives in Marina del Rey and when she has plans we get to babysit Meesha. All of us went to Arrowhead for the weekend two weeks ago see the post here.

Meesha is like our “granddaughter” and we do treat her as such. She wakes up early for a walk spends the rest of the day running around the house and wants to play. In the evening while we have dinner she likes to beg for food. Jackie sure like to spoil her and sometimes I do as well by giving her food from the table. After some time she does relax and even goes to sleep on a chair at our dinner table.

black Pomeranian puppy sleeping

Just the quick update here. I have not been much on taking photos for posting online. Most of the photos have been with friends and family. Im still quite interested in photography. Most of my photos have been on the street or during trips out of town. Once the COVID restriction go away Im going back out to take some new photos.

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