MLK Celebration 2017 – Part 2

More fun and sun this time at the city of Inglewood and the Forum. My last post on the Long Beach KJLH MLK celebration was part 1. Today, part 2.

Today, January 16th, 2017 was sunny and Los Angeles is expecting rain this week. If you live in LA you know we have had a few rainstorms come through.

KJLH and Forum

I got there early and the parade has not gotten to the Forum.

Los Angeles Forum

The stage was set, the soundcheck went well and I had a chance to walk around. While the parade was making its way back to our location I had plenty of time to chat with other vendors and make some friends.

Drake the Lawyer flags and banner

The Forum is along the path of landing planes into LAX. There were planes landing the entire day. I must have taken 10 photos, but until this one could not get a decent photo.

LAX, Forum, Los Angeles

Music Started

Once the parade was done the music started and the crowds started coming into the Forum parking lot. Lots of people….

forum mlk day 2017
drake the lawyer at the los angeles forum

Stevie Wonder on Stage

Stevie Wonder is the owner of KJLH 102.3. He came up on stage and gave a short speach and began singing. I was excited…..


Stevie Wonder
Then I remembered the green bracelet around my arm…. all-access pass! Within 30 seconds I could almost reach him with my arm….. He is awesome!



After Stevie and new kid took the stage. Major and he is really energetic, fun and a great singer. Loved the music and he worked the crowd.

I am Major
I am Major at the Forum

Business is Business

Today, I had another fun day with Drake the Lawyer and team. Also, my other favorite client New Image Dental a Los Angeles dentist had a busy booth at the Forum. The best customer service dentist in the world!

New Image Dental

Benjamin Drake was one of the sponsors of the event and there was work to be done. His staff had a long day….. Norma had to man the booth and talked to thousands of people.

Drake the Lawyer, Norma
People really respond to her and Drake.

Benjamin Drake

Marketing and Advertising

I am in Marketing and Advertising and run a boutique advertising and campaign development studio Local Makreting. Attorney and Healthcare marketing is the specialty.

As you may hear…. “I’ve got to go”.

Attorney and Healthcare Marketing

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