New Pen Day – Sailor Purple Cosmos

Its nice to get 2 packages in one day. Main was a new Sailor Purple Cosmos fountain pen and the other package was with fountain pen ink.

The Sailor Cosmos pen is a limited edition and a bit tough to find online. I found a shop in Italy and had it shipped from there. It only took 3 days.

Fountain Pens and Fountain Pen Ink

sailor and noodlers fountain pen ink
I wanted a purple ink for the Sailor Cosmos to match so I chose the Shigure. I think its kind of cool to have ink match the color of the pen. Also picked up the Noodlers Zhivago.

Fountain Pens

I recently got a Platinum Izumo Tamenuri Akatame from Japan and I quite like Japanese nibs and the way they write.

Some of the fountain pens I currently write with.

fountain pens - visconti, platinum, sailor, 1811, twsbi

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