MLK Celebration 2017 – Part 2

More fun and sun this time at the city of Inglewood and the Forum. My last post on the Long Beach KJLH MLK celebration was part 1. Today, part 2. Today, January 16th, 2017 was sunny and Los Angeles is expecting rain this week. If you live in LA you know we have had a few …

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mlk long beach

Long Beach MLK Celebration 2017 – Part 1

Had some sun & fun at the Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Long Beach. The celebration with a parade, food trucks and other vendors was on a sunny day on Saturday. We had a week full of rain and this was the first sunny day. I love the Los Angeles weather! Radio Free KJLH …

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ted forbes photoassignments

#photoassignments #2 from Ted Forbes

The second series in the assignments from Ted Forbes. The first assignment was about variations and you can see my post on my blog. I like the idea that Ted had. What I really like about it as it brings together the journaling, weekly challenge, and a different way to think and approach to photography. …

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japanese maple acer shirasawanum moonrise


Waiting for spring….. Japanese Maple When I first saw these trees in a nursery, they instantly brought back memories of childhood and growing up in Russia. Both the leaf shape and the colors of maples are so familiar to me… needless to say, decided to try and grow them on my porch. Japanese Maple Varieties …

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