black Pomeranian Meesha

Meesha is almost a year old Pomeranian

Meesha is almost 1 year old. Her birthday is in February and we are going to have a birthday party for her. For a Pomeranian, she has so much energy and jumps much higher than I have ever seen for a small dog. Meesha loves to take drives in the car with us especially when …

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Highschool Grad

I posted about my daughter Sasha going to college here. Now it is my sons turn to decide on where to study as he graduated high school this year. Time really flies and we are all proud of him!

Food, Art & Photography

Took my daughter Sasha and her closest friends to the Pasadena art display and the theme is a foodie theme. I thought about it as a great opportunity to spend time with them and they thought it was an opportunity to strike a few poses and get some photos for Instagram. So not much text …

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Vienna-Austria, 2018

This summer went on a family vacation to Vienna, Odessa, and Riga. Despite most of the time was in Odessa, Ukraine we did visit Vienna on our way to and from Ukraine. We decided to take a day tour of Vienna on our way back. The tour was on a hop-on-hop-off bus and from now …

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Red #photoassignments #5 from Ted Forbes

The last assignment #4 was a ‘by the way’ because I forgot about it. Not until I saw the Youtbude video from Ted that I remembered about finishing up #5. If you are not following the channel then you are missing out. I took a few photos of red neon signs last week. Tried to …

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