#photoassignments #4 from Ted Forbes

The fourth in the series of assignments from Ted Forbes. The first assignment variations, the second low angle photography. I think the third was about normal angle, which I missed….

Now the fourth is an assignment of high angle photography. Way past the deadline.

San Francisco Powell & O’Farrell

Recently being on a short trip to San Francisco and honestly, without thinking about any assignments I wanted to get a few photos from above from my window in a hotel on Powel & O’farrell.

Once I returned home and going through my photos realizing that by coincidence I did the assignment on high angle photographs. I really just wanted to get a decent shot of a corner and a taxi, with a bunch of people on sidewalk from my hotel window. Bonus would be a cable car trolley…. it did not happen.

I also had a Holga with me and have yet to develop the rolls from my trip. I kept sticking my hand out of the window over the scene while waiting for a yellow cab stopped on the corner. The window could only fit my hand through it so I could not really see what the scene will look like.

Choosing a Keeper

I’ve had about 10 photos at various time of day. I tried to get some variations with different times of day over our stay of 3 days. In most cases, it was really obvious which ones were keepers. Ended up with just one photo. Really easy for me to figure out which one to keep.

The Notebook

So the notebook entry will have just 3 photos and they are the photos which I would consider ‘decent’. The main image on this page is the ‘keeper’ for me.

photography san francisco

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