Photowalk with Steve Oct 30, 2020

Met with my good friend Steve as we do everyone so often around Los Angeles. We have been on several photowalks and that is exactly how we met many years ago. Sometimes we meet and discuss business, other times we just shoot the shit.
steve @smacksmog
We have several interests in which we are vested and passionate. Photography is one of them.

We Meet, We Eat, We talk, We walk

Like most of our meets, we have breakfast over which we discuss business. Eventually, we get around to talking about our real passions. Today was no different.
breakfast in Sherman Oaks
We did talk business and what Steve has been doing, quite a creative approach!

Photowalk in Sherman Oaks

We always bring a camera not just a phone, but a camera. It was a bit hot today, but we walked for 2-3 miles taking photos.
Here are some of the photos which I had. Usually, I don’t like to post photos of food, lately, I’ve been on a grilled cheese kick. Not to mention the sourdough bread making kick. Checkout my first few bakes here.
Sherman Oaks AT&T building
Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks
sherman oaks bus ad

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