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During September my focus has been to work through my task list. In July I had started a new organizational workflow and a way to manage and complete tasks. Back then my brain was full of “things that needed to get done”, but once on paper and in an analog notebook, I had a plan and a task list.journaling and planning

I wrote about my work journal and task list here. Took about 3 months to get caught up and for me, this process really works me. Now that its done I’m moving on to new tasks.

Advertising Campaign

I review every client campaign to assure that it is aligned to the marketing strategy.  Each campaign is different and each step/action is either to reach a goal or is not needed.

Client-specific Strategy

I create a strat plan for every client then make sure that campaign is aligned to client-specific goals. I meet with clients once a month in which we talk about current and relevant goals.

I feel that an iterative approach and working with my clients enables us to move forward in step. We both know what is working and what needs to be changed. Keeping it agile and moving forward has been the best way to successful campaign in my experience.

Strategy plans dont have to be complicated. For me, its a list of goals or where we want to be in X amount of time. From that I reverse engineer the steps. So, every meeting with my clients has become a conversation on what the goals are.

After reading the Win Without Pitching by Blair Enns I’ve converted every meeting into a conversation and not a presentation.

Pay Per Click Advertising

For the next 30 days will be working on resetting a PPC campaign for my dental client. Google has been adding new features and we take advantage of every one of them.

Reviewing account keywords is a standard maintenance for PPC account. Also, reviewing the search terms is a good way to get new keywords especially higher converting search terms. From these, I make a list and add them to the keyword master list.

The PPC specif plan is:

  • Research keywords relevant to the client
  • Go through and create a report on keywords used in the account in past year or so. Doing this will tell me which keywords convert more than others.
  • Create a report on the actual search terms and cross-reference the list with keywords. The main reason is to create “exact match” terms and add them to campaign
  • Research other dentists ads. I do this as it will give me an idea of what others use.
  • Take all the ads from the past year and figure out which one worked. Those will be keepers and I will usually fork another ad that is very similar for A/B testing. From the two ads, I can see in 30 days if a change converts better.
  • The last step would be to decide what stays, what goes and what to add to the campaign.

This is just the basic outline. Lots of work and research…

2 thoughts on “Projects for the month”

  1. Enjoying your blog Sergey.
    Eyes opened by walking new roads and seeing new sights through your lens. Uplifted by the beauty of your family and travels.

    Finding this strategy and time-mapping entry particularly relevant to my recent thoughts;
    This Year of the Metal Rat 2020 has a theme of and we’ll find success by: planning. Being shrewd.
    It’s time for me to order another planner as mine just completed its dates.

    Back to This blog post :
    Good job to you for setting out a path to accomplish your goals!

    • Ayden,
      It is indeed a pleasure to meet you! Looking forward to speaking with you!

      good to know that you are in the planning/mapping for goals. Journeys of a thousand miles begin with one step – why not make that first step a plan?



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