Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco end of 2019

This past week went for a 5-day vacation to Puerto Vallarta. We have been on a few trips to Mexico and its been about 2 years since our Cancun trip from which I did not post any photos.

My wife Jackie booked this trip so that our kids can unwind during winter vacation. Sasha has been busy in LMU while Daniel has had a great year in high school. So they deserved a bit relaxing and time off.
Daniel and Sasha during a sunset in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Hotel

We stayed in a medium-sized hotel with full services and a nice beach. We would go out to swim in the ocean every morning. Getting sun and relaxing on the sand.
Puerto Vallarta beach in Mexico

There was an iguana that visited and climbed up the palm tree under which I was relaxing and listening to music. I quickly took a snap and he did not mind.
iguana in Puerto Vallarta beach in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Hotel night show

Every night there was a music band playing and there was a nightly show. Every hotel in Mexica has similar activities and we are quite used to going out every night.
Puerto Vallarta hotel show

Puerto Vallarta hotel show

Christmas in Mexico

Our stay in Puerto Vallarta was over Christmas and there were special activities in the hotel and a special night show and drinks.
Puerto Vallarta hotel over Christmas vacation

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Show Cowboy with a rope

Foam Pool Party in Puerto Vallarta!

On our last day at the hotel, there was a huge foam party with music and soap bubbles! The kids went in, but I stayed out and took photos and video.
foam soap pool party in Mexica

Peace Out and the end of 2019

The next day we flew out and made it home without any real adventures. Although, getting an Uber at LAX was painful.
Southwest flight from Mexico

As I write this post it is already the 2nd of January, 2020 and I am trying to get back to work. As you may have read my main line of work is the marketing of local businesses. My newest project is Corbin Gentle Dental a dentist in Woodland Hills.

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