Red #photoassignments #5 from Ted Forbes

The last assignment #4 was a ‘by the way’ because I forgot about it.

Not until I saw the Youtbude video from Ted that I remembered about finishing up #5. If you are not following the channel then you are missing out.

I took a few photos of red neon signs last week. Tried to use reflection and movement. Nothing that was particularly striking as you can see in the image from my notebook… sad and disappointing.

Keeping Honest

For a few seconds, I wanted to cheat and use a previous photo which had some very vivid red color.

Photography and iPhone

Want to improve the photography with iPhone. I’ve never been able to capture an image that I liked with a phone. I also have a resistance to using the phone for photography. For this assignment, it was going to be iPhone.

The Final Edit

Final edit? Not much to edit… took 3 photos with a phone on the way out of Target during a red sky sunset. Target barrier ball provided just enough interest while the red sky and family walking through.

Thats the photo at the top of the page. The second photo is of my son.


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