Relaxing in San Diego 2020

Another visit to San Diego. Took a road trip and spend a few nights near the beach. All of the CORONA is making it impossible to travel to other countries or states, so a road trip is the best option.

San Diego Beaches

This Southern California city has some really nice beaches, even compared to Los Angeles. It is our second trip there this year and we are quite enjoying our time there.
San Diego Cliffs

San Diego Doggie Beach

Quite a surprise as one of the baches is basically a doggie park.
san diego dog park beach

Pacific Beach in San Diego

This past week was really hot and Im assuming that everyone who had the opportunity went to the beach.
pacific beach san diego
pacific beach san diego

B-39 Soviet Submarine on San Diego Waterfront

A submarine that looks like its just been sitting there and rusting away. The Soviet-era B-39 near the Waterfront museum.
B-039 Soviet Submarine near San Diego Waterfront

La Jolla Cove

On the way home a quick stop at the La Jolla Cove. After that a drive home for about 2 hours.
La Jolla Cove

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