Return to Big Bear

Big Bear Lake is so near where I live and so easy to visit. So it’s been about six months since my last visit to Big Bear with family at the end of December 2016. This drive was much simpler and faster.

If you are on Snapchat then lets connect there Snapchat/add/sergeysus.

Above the City

Just getting to over 6k feet and you can see how much smog there is around Los Angeles. The drive up to Big Bear on the highway 18 offers some great views and this year it much more green because of all the rain.
Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake

Once we got to our rental house I went to take in the view of the lake. The weather was just perfect and not many clouds. The video is from my Snapchat Spectacles.

Getting on the Boat

Once unpacked then metup with the rest of the family we got on the rented boat and went out on a cruise around the lake.

Big Bear Lake in Summer

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake during a visit in the summer

The Rest of the Stay

We spent the 2 nights and 3 days with 20 people having a good time, bbq, beer, and Scotch.

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