San Francisco – Sasha is Moving to USF

Sometimes I feel as if I am not able to avoid going to San Francisco at least a few times a year. This time the trip was about moving Sasha into the university dorm.

Earlier this year we went there to visit the USF as my daughter Sasha had a fantastic offer to attend the universaty. During that visit we went to the school and we also took some time to walk around the city and eventually ended up in the North Beach area. You can see the photos here.

The drive

The drive there was very much a straightforward non-event filled 6.5 hours. The only difference compared to other drives is that we had Sashas university stuff.

Our hotel is located near the SFO so on the way so we had to cross the San Mateo bridge.

san mateo bridge near san francisco, oakland

Friday Night

sasha in san francisco

So we went to the North Beach where we go quite often especially for the amazing Italian food. On our way there we stopped in the Marina for a short walk around.

alcatraz san francisco bay

Mona Lisa

Once in the North Beach, we were going to have dinner at the Mona Lisa restaurant. The food is amazingly authentic. Many Italian conversations can be heard while dining there.

mona lisa italian restaurant san francisco

There is a car parked just outside and everyone who walks by can sit and take a photo. Its got a Mona Lisa hood..

mona lisa car in san francisco

Once inside you can see the that there are so many people crammed into a very small space. Despite the long wait for the table it a great place for dinner.

mona lisa san francisco

Once we figured out exactly what we are going to eat and drink we had a conversation with a glass of wine.

jackie kozinets san francisco

sasha shakarian san francisco

Moving Day

Saturday was the actual move-in day for Sasha. We drove there early in the morning with so many other parents who were there for the same reason. Crowded and organized we brought up the stuff. Jackie was helping Sasha by putting clothes away.

usf dorm sasha in san francisco

Jackies Birthday

We were going to celebrate Jackies birthday differently this year because we are in San Francisco. Our plan was to have dinner at my aunts house in Pacifica.


Sunday morning was the final and emotional dropoff at USF. I kept thinking about how she will get an education and an opportunity to hold her destiny in her own hands.

final photo from usf

Drive Home

Driving home felt as if it took forever! On the way back I was tired and stressed as well as having to miss Sasha.
The worst part is that once home I would have to wait until the next day to pick up my best friend Kesha. I board him at the Westlake Pet Motel in Westlake Village. Its quite a long drive from my house. I was as happy to see him as he was to see me!


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