Sleeklens Portrait Presets

Like most other photographers I like to experiment with different presets in Lightroom. I wish to find a magic single click solution to all the photo editing, but that will never happen!

If you search on Google for Lightroom presets, you will find so many results for both free and premium. Personally, I’ve tried quite a few and for the most part, been using VSCO film presets as a starting point. Then, adjust various sliders to taste. Every photo shoot is different and each requires a ‘different’ look and feel.

Strike a Pose Workflow

Sleeklens a Danish company, has a different approach to presets. While offering a single-click preset, they also offer a ‘stacked’ preset workflow approach in a bundle called Strike a Pose.

The workflow is based on a set for adjusting/editing a specific area of a photograph. The package contains single-click presets, stackable presets and also brushes for concentrated adjustments. The brushes adjust contrasts, tones, sharpness and clarity.


These presets are simple to install. SleekLens also provides videos for detailed instructions.

Some Examples

I wanted to try them out with a few different types of photos. Using the presets for a while, I thought they did a great job in assembling a unique approach. I like the stackable presets very much.

All in One Presets

First, wanted to try the all-in-one presets. Mostly to see how the colors and contrast were affected.

I used the Sunset Portrait preset without any other adjustments. The image on the left is the original iPhone photo while the image on the right is the edited version.


The next example is a photo taken during sunset. I used the Simple Sunkissed preset. The photo on the left is SOOC and the photo on the right is with a one click preset.
portrait photography

Next photo is an outtake from a studio shoot. Taken against a white background. Sadly, I underexposed the shot and forgive the dirty floor as this was taken at the end of a marathon of 15 headshot sessions. The preset used is called Kaleidoscope. No other sliders were used in adjusting. Its cool!

photographer los angeles


Stackable Presets

I think its a good way to approach photo editing with presets and this is what Sleeklens calls the Stackabel Workflow. Essentially, presets which only change a certain aspect of a photo. In Lightroom each preset is numbered from 1 to 5. Each of them making adjustments to a different panel.

The photo on the left is SOOC and the right is an adjusted portrait.
photographer Sergey Sus

The setting used were as shown in the image below. As you can see, each is a step in the workflow. I prefer not to have drastic edits.
Sergey Sus Photographer

Another example of using the stackable Lightroom workflow without moving any other sliders. The main use is to get your editing near what you are looking for. From there it is simpler to adjust to get the complete look.

So the presets get me to 80% there. See the before and after below….

Photographer Sergey Sus

To Workflow or not to Workflow

That is the question…… I’ve been a long time Lightroom user and dont like spending too much time editing – never have. I dont like messing around with sliders. When time permits, I do like to try new ways of doing repetitive work. These presets provide a way to get started in finding the right look for your photos.

The Sleeklens Workflow offers a wide variety of presets and provides installation instructions and how to videos on using the workflow. Give them a go and see for yourself.

New Projects at End of Year

Getting this blog back on track is just a byproduct of my current list of projects. Once the blog is on my portfolio will be updated. This is my last post of the year. Wishing you and all a Happy New Year!

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