Sourdough Bread First Few Bakes

Well, one way or another I got into making my own sourdough bread at home. It actually started with my interest in fermenting kefir which I did for a few years before cutting down my dairy intake. Making sourdough bread requires a starter which is fermented flour.

Sourdough Bread

Getting a sourdough starter going was quite simple and as you can see from my first bake below was not difficult. The difficult part was going through the process of “creating” through the entire process. My starter was made with whole wheat flour which may or may not have something to do with it.
sourdough my first loaf
It did not have much of an oven spring and was relatively thick. Tasted good and Sasha liked and so did I.

Second Bake

I tried to make the second sourdough loaf. Same starter, same ingredients, and the same process. I had similar results….
sourdough bake #2

Steve & His Starter

I met with my good friend Steve and we went on a photowalk. He brought me some of his starter and some amazing white high gluten flour. That starter is badass and is crazy active.

Sourdough Bread Revalation

I also picked up the Tartine Bread book and decided to use the Chad Robertson recipe. This was exactly what I needed – Steve & Chad had a ton to do with my new sourdough loaf! This loaf had everything I love about sourdough… so tasty!
sourdough homemande bread
slice of sourdough bread home made

Update 11-25-2020

My bakes have been getting better. At least, I feel like its getting better. Here is the Nov. 25, 2020 bake.

Sourdough Bred Update 12-19-2020

here is my latest bake. I feel like the bread is getting better looking and tasting as I continue to try different ways.
sourdough bread bake

Grilled Cheese Sourdough Bread

I love grilled cheese sandwiches and so does my daughter. Having my own bread and making a sandwich just took the entire thing to a new level. I love how sourdough when grilled becomes so crusty, brown and the cheese just oozes between the slices. So, now I have to work out harder to work off the calories!
home made sourdough grilled cheese

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