Sunrise in Cabo San Lucas

A short vacation time in Cabo for us brought many nice sunrises. Its been almost two years since our last trip to Mexico in 2019. The kids went there at the beginning of the summer just after school end and beginning for summer vacation.

One of the early mornings after waking up I had to take a photo and then go out for a walk around. Cabo has a very friendly atmosphere and people are generally very nice.

I took the main photo from our balcony which was overlooking the beautiful beach. Most of the day here at the beach its quite noisy and people are also drinking and eating food just below our room.

Here is what it looked like during the day from the same place.
cabo san lucas beach

I am very surprised that Cabo is near California and it is only a two-hour flight. All of us were greatly surprised and were very happy that we made it out and spent a few days under the Mexican sun.

daniel in Cabo
It was a good trip after all and Daniel stayed a few extra days. Had a few tequila sunrises and a few other drinks on the beach. We met a few people and had some good conversations as well as made new friends.

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