I live in Tarzana located in the San Fernando Valley a part of Los Angeles. I do frequently go out and eat sushi with my neighborhood or mostly in the Valley.

We have a sushi bar on every block of the entire 18 mile stretch of Ventura Blvd. There is so much choice, but everyone here has a favorite place to eat sushi and so do I.

In the days when I lived in San Francisco where my job was with an importer and exporter of both frozen and fresh seafood. Big place with lots of containers on the water and something like over 10 million pounds of seafood transported and stored around the world on any given day.

What I’m saying is that seafood is what I feel like is near and dear to me.

Niko Sushi Bar in Tarzana

On a Monday long time ago we had no place to go and eat sushi as most of the bars are closed on Mondays. I’ve read that sushi is not something you want to eat on a Monday as its not fresh. Thats a crock….

Anyway, we ended up eating at Nikos on that Monday. Since then, I’ve gone back almost weekly, that how good and fresh the food is. Also, Niko and the crew are very friendly. Check the Yelp reviews here.

Niko Sushi in Tarzana
You can see how its not a large place and is quite cozy and busy most days. There has been quite a few times where there is a line and waitlist. Well worth the wait, as we did on this day.


abalone sushi

Aji – Spanish Mackerel

aji spanish mackerel

Sockeye Salmon

A wild caught salmon is so much better in both taste and health and I could not recommend it enough.
Sockeye salmon sushi

Live Scallop Sushi

live Scallop sushi


uni sushi

Bluefin Tuna

bluefin tuna sushi

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