Temp Residence

Our condo had some water damage & we have to get a temp place to live for a month. It was a bit tough to find a short term rental in the San Fernando Valley. Seems like there are not many condos or apartments which are available for a 30-60 day rental. That is Daniel vibing on the couch. We also brought our goldfish with us.

Cactus and Apartment Building

studio city apartment building with cactus

[update 8/28/2020]
The cactus keeps flowering for the last 10 days.
flowering cactus

We were fortunate enough to find an Airbnb available for 30 days. Well, we took it and it is located in Valley Village/Studio City. Quite a good neighborhood and I love decor outside which has huge – 2 floor high cactuses. Sasha is posing for size reference below!

studio city & valley village standing next to cactus

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