The Big Disconnect

I’ve been thinking about disconnecting from Spectrum cable for a few months. I dont watch TV and most of the time just watch Netflix or Amazon Prime movies.

Cable companies similar to phone companies have been cashing in on selling services bundled so as to increase profits. Prior to the Internet, it was easy to fool consumers as they had nowhere to check if they are getting a good price.

These companies took advantage for a long time even by selling packages or tiered packages. I was one of the suckers in this. My family was not able to live without the Food Channel and a few other entertainment channels.

So, I had to pay for the premium cable package to get the shows they wanted to watch. I canceled Spectrum but still kept the internet service. Im guessing it will not be much longer before Google will be the provider of high-speed internet access.

Now, we have Google TV and Roku. Fewer cables, fewer boxes and paying 1/2 the price.

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