The Big News Feb, 2020

Our family got some amazing news on Feb 12th, 2020. This is the type of news that movies are made of. My daughter had to have a Facetime meeting and we gathered around the table.

In many ways, I wish that putting these on the Internet would not matter, but the details are kept private. I just wanted to capture the reaction.

Update February 16th

It has been 4 days while we digest what has happened and absorb the amazing news. Obviously, the news is about a happy addition to the already large family.

So, we gathered for dinner and had a video call with a newly discovered family. It was an experience to remember. I am hoping that when the meeting takes place in person its going to be even a bigger emotional soup!

Many people even consider using or would/should get it done. There are many conspiratorial reasons not to and I agree with those. The other reasons are just as it happened to our family with great and amazing news.

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