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Somehow and someday I was going to come back to the “drawing board”. Been drawing a bit on and off for many years – never dedicated, not consistently and never enrolled in a drawing or art class. So, Im working on drawing, urban sketching and some watercolor painting…..

you can move from mediocre to good in increments. The real gap is between doing nothing and doing something – Austin Kleon

Photography Connection

For many and my self-included photography is a way to capture and interpret what is both inside and around me. Many photographers are very capable of seeing the colors, shapes, and lines and have an ability to compose photos of landscape, street etc..

sergey draws
I do think that everyone is capable of being a good photographer. I do think that being good at drawing takes practice – just not sure if everyone can dedicate the time to learn or has the time and patience to learn how to draw/paint.

Youtube and Learning

I love the Ted Forbes Youtube channel. He talks about keeping a photographers notebook/journal. I adopted that idea and now keep a photo journal that is mostly used to print and keep track of ideas for photography.

pen doodle

I like the urban sketching channel of Teoh Yi Chie and his watercolor work. He does have some paid video classes. I also like the ink and black & white wash work of other YouTubers.

So now I did the same for drawing and art – a few notebooks/journals and some dedicated time to learn. Some inexpensive paints and pens…


Like many other people I’ve always kept some sort of a notebook/journal for notes and things that I did not want to forget. I also got into various pens, pencils and fountain pens. There are times where I did noodle and draw stuff in them. Just never really dedicated time or efforts to improve.

sergey sus notebook

I found that Baron Fig notebooks are sized just right and the paper is really good for writing and journaling. So, now I do note taking and drawing in the notebooks.

sergey sus drawing

Working on…

Also, getting my regular (work related) domain Main idea is to keep everything there as this current site is located on because thats what was available at the time. Finally, the old owner released…. nothing is really there yet.

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